Youth Winter Outdoor Soccer
2013/2014 League



Welcome to the 2013/2014 Youth Winter Outdoor Soccer at the Maryland SoccerPlex.
The Youth Outdoor Soccer League will be scheduled for 8 weeks on Saturdays and/or Sundays
during the months of December 2013, January and February 2014.
Scheduling requests will be considered and all games will be played on the synthetic turf fields.

Projected Start Date

December 07, 2013


U10 - U12   (8 v 8)      $ 775.00

U13 - U14  (11 v 11)   $ 990.00

U15 - HS    (11 v 11) $1,090.00


Register Online
*Important Note* Online registration only accepts VISA, Mastercard or Discover and team cost includes a $50 non-refundable administrative fee.
Registration form (PDF)

 Accepted Boys Teams   Accepted Girls Teams
 Toca Juniors FC Bears                (U-13)  Toca Juniors FC Huskies      (U-13)                                            
 DSCT Red Metros                        (U-13)  MRM Rush ’00                        (U-13)      
 Barca Elite FC Barca 00              (U-13)  CSA Cerritos Academy         (U-13)      
 Pachuca Dragons 00                    (U-13)        
 Real Rockville                                 (U-14)  Potomac Hotspur Black        (U-14)      
 Potomac Hotspur Blue 99             (U-14)  Barca Elite FC Barca 99       (U-14)      
 DCST Blue MEtros 99’                  (U-14)  CSA Cerritos Academy        (U-14)      
MD Rush 99 Premier                      (U-14) Bethesda Green 99               (U-14)      
 Boyds Gunners                               (U-15)  Potomac Hotspur Blue (U-15)      
MSC Diplomats                               (U-16) MSC Green Falcons               (U-16)      
Pachuca Dragons ’97                     (U-16) Calverton Revolution               (U-16)      
F.C. Stallions                                    (U-16) FC CASA TANGO                   (U-16)      
 Pachuca FC Dragons ’97 Elite     (U-17) Potomac Hotspur                      (H/S)      
SAC Boys U17 United III Gold        (U-17) Potomac Premier                     (U-17)      

ROSTER - each team must submit a roster

WAIVER - an original waiver form must be submitted for every player (can be faxed or scanned copies)



 For further information, please contact Louie Jaramillo at ljaramillo@mdsoccerplex.org or 301-528-1484