Adult 7v7 Outdoor Soccer 2017 Session III
Division Champion Finalist Result
Men's 40+ RED (Monday) GERMANTOWN F.C. Sport Rockville 6:5
Men's 40+ WHITE (Monday) BIG TOE Globetrotters 1:0
Men's Open WHITE (Tuesday) BANFIELD PUMAS F.C. 5:3
Men's 30+ RED (Tuesday) Casanova F.C. FC Receptor Medimmune 6:1
Men's 30+ WHITE (Tuesday) bRealSon FC II BLACK STARS 1:0
Men's 50+ OPEN (Wednesday) ATLETICO LATINOS GiaDzam 3:2
Men's Open RED (Thursday) SCORPIONS F.C. C.D. FAS 4:1
Men's Open WHITE (Thursday) AMIGOS UTD F.C. TIKI TAKA 3:1
Men's 30+ OPEN (Thursday) AC Montgomery MD UNITED 4:2
Coed Open RED (Monday) Clash BEERCELONA 2:1
Coed Open WHITE (Monday) MONSTARS DeGoma F.C. 1:0
Coed Open BLUE (Monday) Golden Triangles OHANA UNITED TOO 5:0
 Adult 7v7 Outdoor Soccer 2017 Session II
Division Champion Finalist Result
Men's 40+ REC. SILVER (Monday) AC Montgomery C C C P 4:1
Men's 40+ REC. BRONZE (Monday) Six and Below Auto WINDBAG F.C. 3:0
Men's Open RED (Tuesday) RE/MAX ELITE Dorussia Bortmund 7:2
Men's Open YELLOW (Tuesday) Quase Machoes Uber Fox 6:2
Men's Open WHITE (Tuesday) HYE CLUB PA united 5:4
Men's 30+ RED (Tuesday) SAN MIGUEL TUFF JUICE 3.0 12:5
Men's 30+ YELLOW (Tuesday) BLACK STARS Hooligans 7:3
Men's 50+ OPEN (Wednesday) GiaDzam ATLETICO LATINOS 5:1
Men's Open GOLD (Thursday) SCORPIONS F.C. Gaithersburg F.C. 7:3
Men's Open SILVER (Thursday) C.D. FAS F.C. SPARTANS 8:3
Men's Open BRONZE (Thursday) EMPIRE F.C. MUNICIPAL 8:2
Men's 30+ OPEN (Thursday) AC Montgomery CCCP 3:2
Coed Open REC. SILVER (Monday) Ascend FC RE/MAX ELITE 6:5
Coed Open REC. GOLD (Monday) Bad & Boujee FS SOCCER 3:0
Coed Open REC. BRONZE (Monday) Supernovas FC Golden Parachutes 3:2
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