Mid-Atlantic Cup
June 10-12, 2016

Thank you to everyone who participated in the 2015 Mid-Atlantic Cup.

The 2016 Mid-Atlantic Cup will be June 10-12, 2016.

We will be posting information about the 2016 Mid-Atlantic Cup early next year.

Thank you to the following groups for supporting MAC 2015:


2015 Mid-Atlantic Cup Game Schedule

2015 Mid-Atlantic Cup Field Marshall Schedule

Mid-Atlantic Cup Rules and Regulations

Tournament T-Shirt Pre-order Form (deadline Thursday June 11, 6pm)


Age Group Cost Field Size (approx.) # of Players Ball Size Roster Size
U7, U8 $475 40 x 50 yards 5 + 1 Goalkeeper 3 12
U9 ** $475 40 x 50 yards 6 + 1 Goalkeeper 4 14
U9, U10 $500 50 x 70 yards 6 + 1 Goalkeeper 4 14
U11, U12 $500 50 x 70 yards 7 + 1 Goalkeeper 4 14
U13-U16 $545 70 x 105 yards 10 + 1 Goalkeeper 5 18
U17+ $545 70 x 105 yards 10 + 1 Goalkeeper 5 22

 ** The Under 9 age division is offering two different choices.  You can choose the division in which you will play on a 40x50 field or you can choose the division in which you will play on a 50x70 field.  (WAGS & NCSL teams play on a 50x70 field whereas some Recreation teams may play on the smaller field...SAM teams play on the 40x50 field) **

Levels of Play Invited to Participate:
NCSL/WAGS Division 4-6

Classic and NCSL/WAGS teams may be combined in the same division
where the number of teams dictate
Teams participating in the Recreation division may not use carded players
All teams will play in the same division in the U7 and U8 age groups
The tournament may combine age divisions when and where necessary

All teams are guaranteed three (3) matches.  The typical format will have teams playing two games on Saturday and one on Sunday (please note, this is not a definite).  Depending on how divisions are formed and in cases where playoffs exist, teams may play a 2nd match on Sunday. REGISTRATION DEADLINE IS MAY 22nd.

Required Paperwork


Every player must submit; scan and e-mail to marylandsoccerplexreg@gmail.com.


Recreation teams without club issued rosters should use this template. SELECT, Classic and Travel teams should submit club-issued/state approved rosters; scan and e-mail to marylandsoccerplexreg@gmail.com.

 Proof of Age

For recreation players, submit a copy of the player’s birth certificate or passport. Carded player’s should submit a copy of the player’s card. scan and e-mail to marylandsoccerplexreg@gmail.com.

 Registration/Submitting Paperwork

Wednesday June 10, 2015

Teams that have registered, paid and been accepted will submit all paperwork listed above. If you have collected prior to June 10, you may stop by the Discovery Sports Center earlier to submit, or e-mail to marylandsoccerplexreg@gmail.com




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