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Virtual Learning and Sports Camp

We understand that the current situation has left many parents with the issue of having a safe space for their child to participate in virtual learning while the parents are working. In response, we have created the Virtual Learning and Sports Camp!

What is it?

A quiet, safe space for children to learn while parents are working

Children will have basic guidance, supervision, and a fun outlet before and after school

We will have the children follow their school schedule, during breaks we will allow for snacks and bathroom breaks. Before and after school we will have multiple socially distant games set up for the kids to participate in.

Camp Info:

  • The camp will begin with the first day of school (August 31). Parents will be able to register on a weekly, or monthly basis (see payment chart below)
  • The camp day is 8:30 am - 5:30 pm *Please note if your child is picked up after 5:35pm, there will be a $15 charge
  • Open to students in grades K-8

Camp Schedule

Based on the current schedules provided by MCPS, here is a sample of an average week for Elementary School-aged children. Here is a sample schedule for Middle School-aged children.

When children are not learning they will be participating in various socially distant activities like:

  • Soccer, Kickball, Whiffle Ball, Speedball, Field Hockey, Handball 

  • Jump Ropes, Hula Hoops, Tug of War 

  • Relay Races, Scooters 

  • Knockout, Around the World, Horse 

  • Hop Scotch

  • Crosswords, Word Search, Soduku, Puzzles

  • Slime, Tie-Dye, Color by Numbers, Holiday Crafts, Painting, Play-doh, Chalk 

These activities will ensure the children are still having fun, moving around, and being social, but doing so with our COVID-19 Procedures in place.


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